Engaging patients

Our patient led approach, appreciating patient care is at the heart of everything we do, helps us to successfully recruit and retain patients.  We recognise that each patient is an individual and patient care is paramount.  We pride ourselves on making sure that the wellbeing and welfare of all our patients is at the forefront of everything we do.

Patient choice is integral in helping us develop new medications. Oncacare has a significant number of patients who participate in our clinical trials.  We use an innovative range of approaches to recruit patients including:

  • Participant in-screening activities to identify potential patients at an early stage
  • Developing a Trial Aligned Patient pool through biomarker analysis and tumour profiling
  • Frequent communication with patients within our database
  • Direct recruitment through social media, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising.
  • Referrals from Oncologist's, GPs and consultants within healthcare organisations 
  • Patient support organisations and charitable institutions

Providing an outstanding patient experience is a key objective at Oncacare and this has helped us to achieve very high retention rates in the trials we participate in for our pharmaceutical and CRO clients.

Patient centricity

We see patient centricity as the process of designing a service of solution around the patient.
We place the patient first in our engagement with the patient to respectfully and compassionately achieve the best experience and outcome for them and their family.

  • Dedicated patient centricity team members
  • These team members will guide, support and assist the patient throughout, providing a crucial link between the many disciplines during cancer treatment, understanding the study in full and what it requires of the patient. Developing a very personal one to one relationship and a ‘go to’ person whenever needed.
  • Creating a positive culture around the patient and importantly their family and friends.
  • Initiating a collaborative environment with both the research and clinical team.
  • Ensuring everyone involved with the patient is giving a consistent and clear message.
  • Supporting the patient with excellent and patient friendly information both verbal, written and online.
  • Assisting in continued education for everyone in the team around patient centricity.
  • Maintaining follow up to pre-empt any concerns or issues relating to the patient.
  • Discussing misconceptions around oncology studies
  • Home support 
  • Considering the patients financial burden and remuneration for participation including travel costs, parking and refreshments
  • Ensure the logistics of the study visits and procedures are well organised to ensure minimal waiting times.