Oncacare's use of Technology to drive Patient Identification for Clinical Trials

Patient identification for cancer clinical trials is complex and has been significant challenge, with many trials not achieving their enrolment goals causing significant delays in the drug development process.

Recruitment can be improved by the use of new technologies that inform Research Physicans of patient eligibility for clinical trials during the consultation process. Oncacare works with a number of companies that are proficient in the use of EMR with other overlaying technologies within hospitals and other healthcare institutions to streamline the patient identification process for complex trials.

The use of AI is also being significantly developed in this area to perform repetitive tasks and scanning through big data to match the right patient to the right trial at the right time.

Oncacare is developing capabilities and partnerships in genomic sequencing, tumour profiling and biomarker analysis to develop a trial aligned patient pool at our network sites ready to meet the enrolment needs of the various oncology trials.

Digital marketing via social platforms will also be crucial in building up a patient database.